LUXOR S.r.l. takes full responsibility for its commitment to all the parties involved to offer a complete, flexible service that will meet the needs for continually new products. It always embraces new, top quality standards to fulfil the needs of its customers and the market via:

> products that fulfil the requests and expectations of its direct and indirect customers and the end users;

> highly skilled, experienced personnel;

> voluntarily complying with regulations to improve the performance of its processes in cosmetic production;

> compliance with current legislation;

> working within its specific sector to identify and mitigate the risks linked to the company’s business activities.

The parties involved are identified by systematically monitoring LUXOR S.r.l.’s specific sector and are as follows:

> direct customers;

> end customers (product users);

> employees;

> suppliers and outsourced resources connected to them.

The company wishes to involve all its personnel in this top priority commitment by increasing their skills and awareness of the need to guarantee maximum attention to their work, in order to continually improve LUXOR S.r.l.’s competitive performance.

As a result, Management undertakes to play an active role in promoting and guiding all the activities with a positive influence on LUXOR S.r.l.’s impact on the surrounding competition, by circulating the improvement objectives at all company levels.

The objectives are consistent with the context analysis conducted by the company to identify the parties involved, their needs and expectations and the remaining risks for LUXOR S.r.l. (threats to be faced and opportunities to be taken)

The following objectives and commitments are established annually and circulated to the personnel in charge via the prospectus “Objectives – Processes – Indicators – Monitoring”, circulated via Management’s review and summarised as follows:

  • total customer satisfaction and, generally speaking, of the parties involved;
  • optimisation of production processes;
  • resource availability guaranteed;
  • opening up to unexplored markets;
  • continual improvement in processes and products;
  • the total satisfaction and continual growth of every member of staff;
  • improvement in organisational efficiency;
  • respect for the obligations of compliance regarding the commitments signed with the parties involved, the current requisites of the sector in which it operates and the principles of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22716:2008 standards.

Management is committed to achieving these objectives and guarantees each resource is aware of and obliged to follow them.

The general objectives are broken down into specific, measurable objectives in the structural framework annexed to the “Management Review” (the prospectus “Objectives – Quality – Indicators“). This framework enables the quality of the objectives to be identified and re-examined.

The specific, measurable objectives are, in turn, expressed as an improvement of the process indicators identified in the “Objectives – Quality – Indicators” register.


Other indicators can be identified in turn while Management is carrying out its review. Management will reset and establish the objectives at the time of its Quality System Review. It will then circulate them to the entire organisation.

The Quality Policy (examined, confirmed or updated in the Management Review) is carried out daily by all personnel under Management’s constant attention and supervision.